direct to consumer aligners

Profiting from Direct to Consumer Aligners

Most orthodontists have noticed the recent change in orthodontic treatment. Straight teeth are no longer available only through in-person visits to a local orthodontist. Instead, consumers are able to order aligners online and have them shipped directly to their front door. As an orthodontist, you might be struggling with how to adapt to this new […]

dental health month

Making the Most of Dental Health Month

February is National Dental Health Month, which is an excellent time for orthodontic offices to connect with local dentists and the community. While a common school of thought is that National Orthodontic Health Month in October is the best time of year for orthodontists to promote their practice, National Dental Health Month also offers plenty […]


How to Improve Your Orthodontic Practice

Everyone has the dream of being perfect in what they are. As an orthodontist, how will you become perfect in what you do? Below are some tips that will help you improve your orthodontic practice and become more productive. Be keen on your overhead While many dream of overnight success, as an orthodontist you should […]

Preparing Your Orthodontic Practice for 2023

It is almost time to ring in the new year, so make one of your resolutions prepping your orthodontic practice for 2023! In order to start the new year right, you need to spend some time preparing your office and your team for the challenges to come. Review the tips below to make sure your […]

orthodontist helping patient

Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Practice Management System

Choosing a practice management system for your orthodontic practice is an important but often overlooked part of starting your own business. When used effectively, it can make all parts of your practice—scheduling, billing, insurance verification, file management—easier to manage. There are many facets to consider when choosing a system, so to help you decide which […]

FSA Funds and Orthodontic Treatment

As an orthodontist, your speciality is enhancing patients’ quality of life through improved smiles. But with that comes the ins and outs of running a business, which can be confusing—especially when it comes to understanding accounting. Many patients will have questions about how to pay for their treatment, and some of them will be interested […]

7 Great Orthodontic Conferences in 2023

Being an orthodontic professional can be an overwhelming job. Between the need to grow your practice, handle the business side of things, and provide the best care for your patients, finding time to search for conferences can seem impossible. To help ease this stress, we’ve compiled a list of the best orthodontic conferences scheduled for […]

patient records

Keeping Patient Records Organized at Your Practice

There’s no doubt technology can significantly enhance your practice in numerous ways. One of the most important tools leading practices leverage is an electronic patient records system. However, having the software isn’t enough. To reap the benefits, your records need to be organized in a way that enables you to access the information you need […]

online patient scheduling

The Benefits of Online Patient Scheduling

As a busy orthodontist, you manage a multitude of responsibilities in your practice. The administrative tasks alone require a robust office staff who are juggling bookkeeping, greeting patients, and scheduling appointments. You can increase your staff efficiency by implementing an online patient scheduling tool. An online patient scheduling tool can not only help with administrative […]

orthodontist talking to patient

Keeping Patient Communications Safe in the Digital Era

In today’s fast-paced world, many healthcare providers wonder if they can use emails or text messaging to share information with their patients. While many practices want to send patient information quickly and easily, they must also ensure sensitive patient information is protected. Read on to learn more about ways to safely communicate with your patients […]