Secure email and messaging built in

With Greyfinch’s secure HIPAA compliant email and messaging you can send images, documents, and more to external professionals and patients! Your external professionals can respond and even send images and documents back to you and have conversations about your shared patients!

Secure Emails 1
Secure Emails 2

Send HIPAA Compliant messages to External Professionals

Need to send an X-Ray to an external professional? No problem! Need to discuss a patient with their general dentist? No problem as well! Send files and communicate back and forth with our HIPAA-compliant messaging!

Send Secure Message to patients too

If a patient request a letter, X-Ray or wants to discuss their treatment, you can do so through their patient hub! This allows you to send and receive HIPAA compliant message directly from the patient through their own patient hub!

Secure Emails 3
Secure Emails 4

Communication in one spot

You HIPAA compliant message are easy to access and easy read because they are in the same spot are your HIPAA compliant two-way SMS messages! One stop shop for all your messages!