Sign your contracts electronically by SMS, email, or tablet

Greyfinch’s Signature App allows you to send an SMS or email to your patients to sign their contract either in the office or when they are at home! No smartphone? No problem, they can use an in-office tablet.  

e-Signature 1
e-Signature 2

Save time and impress your patients

No need to print and scan your contracts into your software anymore! Simply send an SMS or an email to the patient and they can read and sign the contract on their own device. “This is so cool” has been a common expression from patients using the Greyfinch Signature App. 

Sign all your paperwork, not just the contract

Not only can patients sign their contract, but they can also sign their informed consent,  appointment policies, and any other policies you require signatures on. The signatures are unlimited!

e-Signature 3
e-Signature 4

Not just for Signatures

Have selections for a patient they need to make on their contract? No problem! We also support checkboxes and radio buttons so your patients can pick between options! You now have your own Signature App built into your practice management software.