The effortless and paperless way to collect any kind of signature from your patients

With Greyfinch’s Signature tool, there’s no need to print or scan contracts. Just send a text or email and your patients can sign contracts with their finger—in the office or anywhere else.

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Use it for informed consent, appointment policies, or any other form you want

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Built-in to the platform so everything updates instantly to a patient’s records

2 Way SMS

Since patients prefer to sign from their own devices, offer what they want

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If they don’t have a smartphone, they can also use an in-office tablet

From day 1, Greyfinch and it’s support has been awesome. Jake is easily accessible and quick to respond!!! We are so happy about this company and tell our colleagues constantly. Can’t wait to use this in other locations!!

Dr. Neelab Anwar

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Impress your patients—and your staff

“This is so cool!” is what patients often say when using the Signature tool. Now, you can save your patients—and your staff—the time and hassle of signing paper contracts and make it easier to start treatment.

2 Way SMS

Skip the paper

Once they sign the form, it instantly sends them a copy

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Offer selections within forms

Include checkboxes or radio buttons so patients can choose their options before signing

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Above and beyond

Stand out from the competition with incredible features like these