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Practice Management Software: The Ultimate Guide for Orthodontists

In an orthodontic clinic, it’s vital to have a smart and smooth practice. These days, practice management software for orthodontists helps you boost your efficiency, streamline tasks, enhance patient care, and grow your business. These great tools come in many varieties, but they’re not all equal. Many have pros and cons that you need to […]

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Top Mistakes Made When Choosing Practice Management Software

Making sure your orthodontist office is running as efficiently and effectively as possible is an important part of keeping it successful. Part of this is choosing the right practice management system to make your staff’s workload more manageable and ensure your patients have a positive experience every time they interact with your practice. But with […]

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The Most Important Year-End Reporting for Orthodontists

It’s hard to believe, but the end of the year is upon us. Year-end reporting is not one of the more enjoyable aspects of owning an orthodontic practice, but it is an important part of running your practice and making sure it continues to thrive. To end the year on a high note, follow the […]

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Best Black Friday Promotions for Orthodontists

As we head into the holiday season, things start getting busy both personally and professionally. It can be easy to let the next couple months fly by without taking advantage of the opportunity to bring in more patients, something helpful for purchasing all those Christmas presents! With Thanksgiving coming soon, it’s time to figure out […]

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Improving Your Orthodontic Patient Onboarding Process

In the day-to-day rush of running a business, old habits can die hard. Despite technology advancing more every year, your orthodontic practice might still be doing things the hard way, especially when it comes to the patient onboarding process. Streamlining your patient onboarding has many benefits. Why is onboarding important in healthcare? The patient onboarding […]

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Orthodontic Marketing Ideas for Adults

With the start of fall comes the return of school, which often means more freedom and flexibility for parents during the day. Because of this, parents have more time to get orthodontic treatment for themselves, and with all the kids in school, orthodontic offices are less busy than over the summer. This makes fall the […]

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How to Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

October is the beginning of fall, with cooler weather and shorter days signaling the end of summer. It’s National Orthodontic Health Month (NOHM), a time to celebrate oral health, straight smiles, and advances in orthodontic treatment. It’s also a time for new orthodontic patients to learn more about treatment options and consider beginning their orthodontic […]

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CE for Orthodontists and Staff

With new advancements in the orthodontic field happening regularly, there are many things to learn to stay up to date. Continuing education (CE) for orthodontists and staff is an important part of staying relevant and giving the best care to your patients. Here is some information to make it easier to find the classes you […]

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Avoiding Employee Burnout at Your Orthodontic Practice

Avoiding employee burnout might not be something you think about. As orthodontic practitioners, it’s easy to focus on the patient experience and forget about the employee experience—but both are equally important. To maintain a healthy, growing practice, you must avoid employee burnout.  Why should you avoid employee burnout? As mentioned above, it can be easy […]

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Is a Lack of Reviews Killing Your New Patient Starts?

With the rise of the internet over the past thirty years, people are using it more and more to research companies before buying or committing to a service. Practices not keeping up with the trend can find themselves losing new patient starts without understanding why. To help you retain your patients and maximize internet reviews, […]