Making sure your orthodontist office is running as efficiently and effectively as possible is an important part of keeping it successful. Part of this is choosing the right practice management system to make your staff’s workload more manageable and ensure your patients have a positive experience every time they interact with your practice. But with so many practice management software options, how do you know which to choose? Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid making when choosing your practice management software.

Mistake #1: Relying on paper

Change can be hard. Sometimes it seems easier to keep doing things the way they have always been done. But if you’ve always relied on paper files and snail mail, you are doing your practice, staff, and patients a disservice. Practice management software can streamline your practice, make things easier for your staff, and provide a better patient experience. The right PMS can automate emails and texts to patients, eliminating the need for staff to call patients with appointment and billing reminders. It can also allow patients to book appointments online and upload their insurance and medical history information directly to their file prior to their first appointment—all things that can’t be done with paper.

Mistake #2: Not changing your patient management system

Switching to a new practice management software can seem overwhelming. It might sound too time-consuming and disruptive to change to a new system, especially if the system you have seems “good enough.” But by putting off upgrading your system, you could be missing out on a much better system that provides more benefits for your practice. The temporary disruption from switching to a new PMS is far outweighed by the benefits of installing a system that works better for you. Plus, the best software companies offering practice management systems make the transition fast and provide top-notch training for your team.

Mistake #3: Relying on third parties

Instead of getting a comprehensive system, practices can make the mistake of using different third-party add-ons to fill in the gaps. While this kind of patchwork approach can work, it won’t provide the best experience for you or your patients, and it often ends up costing more. Instead of picking and choosing different third-party add-ons, consider getting a PMS that does everything for you.

Mistake #4: Not choosing a cloud-based patient management system

Picking a PMS that is only accessible and maintained on a server in your office is antiquated, inefficient, and risky. If the data isn’t backed up in the cloud, you could lose all staff and patient information if your server crashes. Cloud-based data can also be accessed from anywhere, so you don’t need to physically be in your office to view patient information. Cloud-based data can also be more secure, which is a big part of choosing the right PMS. You want to keep all patient information confidential and make sure the system is HIPAA compliant.

Mistake #5: Not thinking of your patients

Patient management systems should provide a better experience for you, your staff, and your patients. Too often, a practice wil pick a PMS based on how it helps them, without considering the impact on their patients. Choose a system that provides a better experience for your staff and your patients. Using a system like Greyfinch that offers convenience to patients with online scheduling and billing is a good place to start.

Mistake #6: Making cost the biggest factor

Cheaper definitely isn’t always better. Instead of focusing only on the price of the practice management software, look at the ratings and reviews. Have other practices had a good experience with the software? Does it provide 24/7 support? If not, consider finding one that does. And, most importantly, find a PMS that provides the most positive experience to you, your staff, and your patients. It is worth paying more to get the product that works the best for your practice.

If you are considering getting practice management software for the first time or switching to a new system, contact Greyfinch today for a free demo!