You want your business to run better than ever. But there are drawbacks with most practice management software on the market.

Most don’t offer the latest tools to improve every part of your business. Instead, they’re outdated, lack new features, and require 3rd-party add-ons that don’t connect together.

That leaves you with costly apps all over the place instead of having everything under one single platform.

Even though Greyfinch installed its first beta users in 2017, our team of experts has been committed to moving the industry forward and has many years of orthodontic and dental experience. We strived to create an innovative platform to give you remarkable results—and we did just that.

Greyfinch is the most advanced, all-in-one orthodontic practice management software to manage and grow your business.

Get the powerful tools to increase new patients, automate countless tasks, streamline your business, and offer the best experience for your patients.

Greyfinch transforms your practice with better scheduling, treatment planning, billing, financials, reputation scores, and much more.

It’s also easy-to-use and easy-to-learn for your staff. And it’s 100% web-based with no expensive 3rd-party add-ons, no downloads, and no licenses.

We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and innovative tools and updates

Meet Our Team

Jake Gulick

Jake Gulick

Chief Executive Officer

Jake started his 16 year career in the dental space at TeleVox Software as a regional sales executive. After leaving TeleVox, Jake was one of the first employees at Cloud9Ortho and led the sales team for four years, growing the business from 2 to 350 customers before his departure in 2015. Jake recognized a big opportunity in the ortho industry and decided to come aboard with Greyfinch in 2015 to push the boundaries of practice management software. Jake has been on the forefront with Greyfinch to offer many revenue generating tools and continues to push innovation in the industry.

Darío Javier Cravero

Dario Cravero

Chief Technology Officer

In 2013, Darío co-founded UXtemple, an experimental start-up that would become the source of exploration for years to come, bridging the gap between designers and engineers. This concept is now called Simple which has been deployed with companies like HMH, a leading ed-tech company, and Greyfinch. In 2019, Darío joined Greyfinch and now leads the technology team as the CTO. He helped rebuild the team from the ground up and redesigned Greyfinch's approach to product development, allowing the company to perform at scale and deliver new features with an unprecedented speed.


Josh Matthews

Chief Operations Officer

Since 2015 Josh has worked as a captive agent and independent broker with a broad range of exposure in different products and industries. In 2015, Josh rolled his independent insurance business under the Greyfinch (formerly AXPM) umbrella in an effort to help expand the Greyfinch service offering and change the way benefits were delivered to small businesses in the dental industry. Since that time, he has been responsible for the overall strategy for two products: Greyfinch Insurance Group and Direct Dental Care. Currently Josh oversees operations for Greyfinch, with a specific focus around business processes and scalability.


Desiree O'Rourke

Director of Implementation and Training

Desiree started her career as a CNA where she gained a passion for helping people, a few years later she took an opportunity with a medical software company that opened the door to her long-standing career in the software industry and EMR world. For 6 years she worked her way up from being a customer support specialist to leading the support team. Once she found Greyfinch and decided to transition from medical software to the ortho world - she hasn’t looked back since! She is currently leading our Support, Implementation, and Training teams to success. Desiree strives for both herself and her team to assure that clinics are provided the best training and utilization of all parts of Greyfinch to make their lives easier as well as providing excellent customer support.


Merritt Dake

Strategic Advisor

In 2012, Merritt moved to Little Rock, and alongside a partner Orthodontist, started a small group of Orthodontic practices. Somewhat by accident, this became a multi-faceted services & products business with the mission of supporting independent providers to compete with dental consolidators. In 2015, a group of those providers, alongside Merritt, created a DSO with the goals of giving providers more freedom to focus on quality treatment and improved multi-specialty peer-to-peer collaboration, while addressing the inefficiencies that make dentistry less accessible to patients. Merritt has since left the DSO and is a strategic partner with Greyfinch helping with strategy and future development roadmap.

Dr. Mark Dake

Dr. Mark Dake

Board Member, Orthodontist

Dr. Bryan Hiller

Dr. Bryan Hiller

Board Member, Orthodontist

Welcome To The Last Practice Management Platform You’ll Ever Need

We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and innovative tools and updates.

In fact, we’re the first orthodontist practice management software to offer many groundbreaking features:

  • 24/7 appointment widget that drops directly into your site
  • 2-Way, HIPAA-compliant SMS with patients
  • HIPAA-compliant video appointments (no downloads)
  • Online medical forms that automatically update across your database
  • HTML5 platform so it works on any device (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)

…and that’s just the beginning!