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24/7 appointment widget

Practices that use our widget increase new patients by 60% on average. Patients can book whenever they want—even after office hours—choose their locations, and automatically receive onboarding forms so they can get started faster.

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KPI reports

Get all the vital insights you want with our easy-to-use KPI dashboard. Analyze your revenue, growth, and more and track how your data is trending so you can optimize your practice.

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Glowing reviews and ratings

Our innovative system helps you boost your ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp and collect valuable feedback without the risk of lowering your scores. It also calculates your NPS score.

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Organized data in one central hub

Manage and consolidate your data across as many locations and brands as you want from one easy-to-use hub.


World-class data warehouse

Connect any business intelligence tool to create detailed dashboards and uncover valuable insights to scale your business.

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Stronger close rates

With Greyfinch’s Case Closer Technology, patients can start treatment easier than ever. Customize payment plans, down payments, and installment intervals to give them the flexibility they love.

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Smarter projections

Our financial tools let you produce cash flow waterfall and prediction reports with more accuracy.