Patient self-service starts with the Greyfinch Patient Hub

Greyfinch’s Patient Hub is the most advanced hub of its kind. With the Greyfinch Patient Hub, your patients can schedule appointments, reschedule appointments, pay their balances, update auto-draft sources and more! They will be able to do all these great features 24/7/365. Not only creating a better patient experience but a more efficient practice.

patient Hub
Patient Hub 1

Patients see what is important first

Once a patient logs in they see their dashboard that will list the most important info for them and invite them to take action on those items. 

Self-Service Scheduling

If a patient needs to schedule an appointment they can do so directly in the patient hub! If they need to reschedule they can also do so anytime. Save your staff from patients calling to schedule or reschedule and let them do it themselves! 

Patient Hub 2
Patient Hub 3

Financial info at your patients fingertips

Patients can log in and pay their due now, their full balance or any amount in between! The payments automatically post to the patient’s ledger and will even post to the oldest invoice first ensuring your accounts receivable is accurate even if they pay ahead. 

Update auto draft source and pay balance

Patient’s change credit cards and bank accounts and now they can easily update that information in their patient hub! Patients can also easily pay their balance at the same time they are updating their auto payment source making sure your practice get paid!

Patient Hub 4
Patient Hub 5

Keep patient information up to date

Patients can update their demographic AND health history information at anytime. Need to add an allergy? They can do so 24/7/365 and it will automatically create a new alert in their chart so your staff knows!