Capture feedback and ask for reviews with our automatic reputation management tool

Set your practice apart by automatically gathering Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews after specific appointments. No need to remember to ask, we automatically send them an SMS at the set interval you choose to ask them for their NPS score and if high enough ask them for a review! 

NPS Reputation Management 1
NPS Reputation Management 2

Set up the appointments you want to receive feedback from

You control which appointments will receive an SMS asking them how likely they are to refer their friends and family. You also will control when they receive this and can optimize it accordingly. 

Patients Automatically Receive an SMS for feedback

If your patient meets the criteria set up, they will automatically receive a SMS message asking for their feedback. 

NPS Reputation Management 3
NPS Reputation Management 4

Ask happy patients for reviews

You control which patients you want to ask for reviews from! Most clinics choose a 9 or 10 but you can customize this along with which reviews sites you and want to focus on. Focus on Google one month and Facebook the next. It is your choice! Patient’s who do not score high enough to be asked for a review will be asked to provide you valuable feedback on what you can do better.

Reporting at your fingertips

With our integrated reporting you will get instant feedback from your patients and be able to take action. We also automatically calculate your NPS score for you!

NPS Reputation Management 5