Greyfinch replaces other software and apps with just one cloud solution to manage your practices

We’re more than just a “basic” practice software; we drive every part of your business. Attract more customers, reduce expenses, boost efficiency, interact with patients, and more—from just one web-based platform.

Remove the limits on your business


As your group grows, you need a platform that grows with you (and doesn’t hold you back). Greyfinch eliminates the headaches, hassles, and expenses of legacy PMS so you can scale without limits.

reduce stress
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Everything you need, built-in

Instead of paying for lots of 3rd-party apps, get all the key tools you need under one roof.

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Better organization and efficiency

Manage info across as many locations as you need, all from one simple platform

Cloud based

100% cloud-based

No downloads, servers, or IT overhead; just log in and access everything with a few clicks.

Carly Warden

We are so happy we decided to go with Greyfinch for our start-up practice. They take all of the "third party integrations" that are usually necessary for other softwares and wrap it into one great PMS. We're so thankful for their superb customer service and obvious drive to keep improving with every upgrade. Highly recommend to any practice owner looking for a PMS to help their practice thrive!

Dr. Carley Warden

Ascend Orthodontics


Turbocharge your business and value with revolutionary tools and automations

Greyfinch’s easy-to-use features can help you run your practice with less effort, increase your profitability, and delight your patients with wonderful bonuses they can’t find anywhere else.

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Scale your group practice

Use powerful lead generation and marketing tools to attract the right patients and grow your profits

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Minimum expense; maximum productivity

Reduce employee costs and save time with easy automations that handle countless tasks

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Extraordinary experiences

Offer your patients more convenience, flexibility, and freedom and make them even happier



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Boost new patients

Use our appointment widget to book more appointments, even after office hours

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Advanced projections

Our financials create cash flow waterfall and prediction reports with strong accuracy

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Smarter invoicing

We can tie payments to charges for clean, accurate ledgers

Cloud based

Unbeatable data warehouse

Connect any business intelligence tool to make dashboards and uncover insights

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Seamless office onboarding

With our experience onboarding acquired offices, you can make this process easier

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Incredible communication tools

Send HIPAA-compliant 2-way texts and emails to patients and even external professionals

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Effortless reporting

Access real-time data and create reports easily—if you choose to sell your practice or get funding.

Constant innovation

Unlike other PMSs that are slow to update, we always innovate and create new features