Case Closer

Make it easier and faster for your patients to say “yes” to treatment


With Greyfinch’s Case Closer Technology, you’ll convert patients faster and easier than ever before. Our innovative tool helps your treatment coordinators offer better terms and let patients create their own payment plans, sign contracts, make payments, and book appointments from their own homes.

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Transform results by simplifying and modernizing financial presentations

2 Way SMS

Automatically create e-contracts for patients to sign from any device

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Customize payment terms to give your patients the flexibility they need

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Enjoy everything in one platform—no plugins, 3rd parties, or downloads

Carly Warden

We are so happy we decided to go with Greyfinch for our start-up practice. They take all of the "third party integrations" that are usually necessary for other softwares and wrap it into one great PMS. We're so thankful for their superb customer service and obvious drive to keep improving with every upgrade. Highly recommend to any practice owner looking for a PMS to help their practice thrive!

Dr. Carley Warden

Ascend Orthodontics

Convert more patients by letting them create their perfect payment plan


Send patients a secure link to customize their own payment terms with our easy-to-use system—anywhere and anytime. Once they agree, they can digitally sign contracts, make payments, set up autodrafts, and book appointments without your team lifting a finger.

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Set ranges for payment terms

Set parameters like minimum down payments, monthly minimums, and more—you can even customize rules by treatment categories

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Simplify options for your patients

Create several default payment options so your patients don’t feel overwhelmed

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Save time and effort

After they set an appointment, their treatment plan updates instantly and their autodrafts run automatically