Complete Electronic Onboarding For Your New Patients

Once a new patient has either scheduled through the appointment widget or scheduled through your practice they will be prompted to fill out all their medical information electronically. They will even be able to electronically sign any other forms you have. Greyfinch practice management has a medical tab in each patient’s chart so all the data they input is stored directly in that area without any interaction needed from your staff!

New Patient Onboarding 1
New Patient Onboarding 2

Collect everything you need to know

Before a patient arrives at your office collect all their relevant health info including their chief concern. This is stored directly in the patient’s chart automatically!

Collect Insurance Cards

Patients can take a picture of their insurance cards and they are automatically uploaded the patients documents. No need to scan them when they come to the office! 

New Patient Onboarding 3
New Patient Onboarding 4

Capture referral sources

Is your staff forgetting to capture your referral sources? Never miss one again as it is asked during the new patient onboarding process!

Patients will electronically sign all other documents

At the very end patients will review all other paperwork and documents you would like them to sign before their first appointment and sign them. This is automatically stored in the patients document area and then emailed to them. 

New Patient Onboarding 5