Orthodontist using computer

5 Reasons Why Data Protection Is Important for Orthodontic practices

Orthodontists have a duty to protect your sensitive orthodontic practices data to the best of your ability.  Once you start storing people’s information, you are legally obliged to follow the same rules as any other business to protect those records. These rules include notifying every patient if a breach has occurred in your practice. Imagine […]

orthodontic practice data

3 Reasons Why Hackers Target Orthodontic Practice Data?

Advances in computer technology are bringing dramatic changes to orthodontic practice data. While computers were previously used for simple functions such as basic record keeping, these functions have now evolved to billing, digital radiography, digital dentistry, charting, and more. With technology becoming an integral part of any medical practice, most orthodontists have to find the […]

person leaving review

Getting More Reviews from Your Patients on your Orthodontic or Dental Practice

Anyone with a dental practice knows how much reviews are important. Before people book any appointment, they first check the testimonials, reviews and ratings given about the practitioner they are about to approach. Most dental practitioners lose potential patients if they do not have any reviews or if the reviews do not portray a good […]

dental practice management software

The Power of Dental Practice Management Software

Running a successful dental practice is not easy. The main goal of any dentist is the overall health and wellness of their patients. To achieve that, you will require effective teamwork and efficient patient management. The right dental practice management software makes it easier and simpler to manage every aspect of your daily operations. It […]

virtual appointment

Introducing Chirp, an integrated virtual appointment solution

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to, it is the need to have a telehealth option for your clinics.  While Greyfinch did not have a telehealth solution pre COVID-19, we worked hard to implement it into our software during the pandemic for our customers. Greyfinch is excited to announce […]

Urgent-Hub for dental and eye care

In early March, we received a high-priority request to create a software solution that would help four Arkansas dental clinics work through the COVID-19 pandemic. We quickly went to work and created Urgent-Hub, a web-based application used for pre-screening patients for COVID-19 symptoms and determining if the patient’s need qualifies as urgent. Demand quickly began […]

the future

2019 and the future

Every successful business has goals that pursue each year. Greyfinch is no different. In 2019 we wanted to start to bring patient self-servicing and automation to our platform. We also wanted to continue to enhance the product with customer request. After the holidays we had an all hands on deck team meeting in which we […]

Appointment widget

Appointment widget bringing big returns

At Greyfinch one of our goals is to make software that is not only for your clinic but also for your patients. Traditionally clinics have a contact us form on their website which requires potential patients to fill this form out and then wait for a staff member to respond either via phone or email. […]

online scheduling tool

How online scheduling can help grow your practice

Appointment Scheduling, Solved. Meet the Greyfinch Appointment Widget. The first of its kind in Orthodontic Practice Management Software. The Greyfinch Appointment Widget embeds directly into your website, allowing patients to quickly and easily schedule their own appointments online in just three simple steps. No waiting on hold or being restricted by office hours, our integrated […]