Every successful business has goals that pursue each year. Greyfinch is no different. In 2019 we wanted to start to bring patient self-servicing and automation to our platform. We also wanted to continue to enhance the product with customer request. After the holidays we had an all hands on deck team meeting in which we shared all of our accomplishments. What an amazing year 2019 was. Working in the weeds you don’t always take the time to step back and look at what you have accomplished.

In 2019 we added many new features and applications including an embedded appointment widget where our users have seen a 60% increase in new patients exams being scheduled. We also launched our integrated new patient onboarding application which allows new patients to fill out all their info electronically either from the home computer or mobile phone. They can even sign electronically all the normal documents you would have them sign.

While those were some of the larger projects completed we had many smaller wins such as automating patient self-check-in with hard stops for certain criteria. We also added collections labels and automated the application of them.

There is a trend with the new features and enhancements we do that revolves around automation. Over the past 12 months, we have been speaking to many different types of users. From single doctor locations to large DSOs to learn what they struggle with the most. This is what has helped shape our roadmap for 2020.

First, we will be working on a full self-service patient portal. Right now new patients can schedule an appointment, fill out and sign all paperwork. We want to give every patient the ability to self service their account from either a web browser or an iOS/Andoird app. Patients will be able to do almost all tasks they call an office for such as scheduling their next appointments, updating their auto payment information, paying their balances and even downloading or printing school/work excuses.

We have a prototype of our new communication platform that will allow for two-way text message and secure messaging. Within this application, we will have automated tasks and workflows so your practice management software becomes much more like a CRM (customer relation management).

We will also be focusing on bringing general dental and pediatric support to our platform this year which has been an extremely common request.

Finally, a project that has been ongoing for a few months and will continue to be ongoing is our data warehouse initiative. Getting good clean data from practice management software has always been a challenge. The ability to do this is one that our DSOs we work with are the most excited about!

2020 is shaping up to be a great year as we are already seeing record growth in new customers. We are looking forward to next year at this time to be able to look back and be excited about all we have accomplished. Time to get to work!

To learn more about Greyfinch visit our website at www.greyfinch.com