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Top Mistakes Made When Choosing Practice Management Software

Making sure your orthodontist office is running as efficiently and effectively as possible is an important part of keeping it successful. Part of this is choosing the right practice management system to make your staff’s workload more manageable and ensure your patients have a positive experience every time they interact with your practice. But with […]

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Is Your Practice Cyber Secure?

Cybersecurity is something many of us probably don’t think about. But with so much of our data available online, we need to understand how to keep it safe from identity theft. This is especially important when your orthodontics practice collects patients’ protected information. How do you keep your patients’ information safe from cyber attacks? Keep […]

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Does Your Orthodontic Website Offer Online Scheduling?

Gone are the days when orthodontic offices had to rely exclusively on word of mouth or print advertising to get their name out there. The internet has opened up a whole world of marketing, making it easier to gather new patients without leaving your desk. Before you start advertising online, though, your orthodontic website needs […]


Why Is It Important To Have HIPAA Compliant Communication?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act covers privacy issues that are related to health care providers, insurers, pharmacies, etc., because these organizations have access to personally protected health information. A big part of being HIPAA compliant is being diligent about maintaining confidentiality. The idea of HIPAA compliance isn’t for physicians […]


How to Attract More Patients and Improve your Orthodontic Practice’s Website

The first way your patients get in contact with your office is your website. You would want it to be well designed and updated– first impressions go a long way. When do you think patients form an opinion of your practice? Is it the first time they call your receptionist or the first time they […]

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Two-Way HIPAA Compliant SMS – A Necessity for Successful Orthodontic Practices

Successful orthodontic practices all over have started utilizing two-way HIPAA compliant SMS for their practice. There are many reasons why this feature it is becoming more and more crucial for orthodontic practices to have. Did you know over 30% of voicemails go unheard for three days or more, and more than 20% of Americans don’t […]