Successful orthodontic practices all over have started utilizing two-way HIPAA compliant SMS for their practice. There are many reasons why this feature it is becoming more and more crucial for orthodontic practices to have.

Did you know over 30% of voicemails go unheard for three days or more, and more than 20% of Americans don’t even check their voicemails’ at all?! But did you also know that 78% of texters wish they could have a text conversation with a business, 95% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent, 98% of all text messages are read, and 90 seconds is the average response time for a text?!

By embracing two-way HIPAA compliant SMS as a communication channel for patient engagement, your orthodontic practice could see immediate improvements in all aspects of operation.

Two-way HIPAA compliant SMS helps generate more revenue.

  • Using two-way SMS for appointment-related messages reduces cancellations and no-shows.
  • Before mailing out letters to patients regarding overdue payments, you can send a well-worded and polite text reminding them that payment is due.

Two-way HIPAA compliant SMS helps improve patient experience.

    • Patients would rather text your practice than have to pick up the phone to call someone else, like a competitor, because it’s simpler!
    • It also allows you to show that you care for your patients by asking how they are feeling after getting braces on, adjusted or off. (Personal touch makes all the difference!)

Two-way HIPAA compliant SMS helps save time.

  • Time is money for you and for your parents and patients. Two-way SMS will save your team from unnecessary phone calls and phone tag (who’s going to miss that game?) and will also show that you respect your patients’ time by adding this efficiency.
  • No more repeat phone calls to multiple people. If you’re needing to communicate the same message to multiple people, your practice can spread the message through one text! No need to spend time repeating yourself to everyone, making multiple phone calls.

For the reasons above, our team of developers has been hard at work so that we could add two-way HIPAA compliant SMS to our advanced orthodontic practice management software and it is ready to launch this month!

We are excited about this addition as it compliments the broad range of features our orthodontic practice management software already has to offer. Our two-way SMS feature is 100% HIPAA compliant and will allow your orthodontic practice to communicate with its patients through texting safely and securely!

How many other orthodontic software have this included in its platform?

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As 78% of texters wish they could do business over text, we are confident in our reasonings to add this to our software’s offerings. Because this feature is fully integrated with our orthodontic practice management software, we have full control of any future enhancements. We are also rolling this out at no additional cost to our current users! 

When communicating to a patient using our two-way SMS, our software will automatically pull up the patient’s file – including the patient’s balance and future appointments – on the same screen. 

During COVID-19, we know it is important to follow guidelines and procedures. Our two-way HIPAA compliant SMS makes it easier for orthodontic practices to follow these guidelines just as patients are be able to respond to appointment reminders when they arrive at the office without even coming inside.

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The above information is based on from The New York Times, Forbes, Dynmark, Pew Research Center and CTIA.