The first way your patients get in contact with your office is your website. You would want it to be well designed and updated– first impressions go a long way. When do you think patients form an opinion of your practice? Is it the first time they call your receptionist or the first time they visit your office? None of those, it is the first time they visit your website.

Before physically visiting your office, most patients have already visualized who you are and what you do based on what they see on your website. To ensure your website leaves your potential patients with the best ever first impression, follow the tips listed below that will help in improving your website for orthodontic practice.

Ensure your website is responsive in mobile

It is very hard for anyone to forget the first impression they had of something or someone. Coming across a website that displays small text and takes long to respond is frustrating and any potential patient that comes across that in your website might never come back.

According to research, people don’t trust websites that take long to respond. Besides trusting, people get impatient quickly. Very few people will carry out dental searches on laptops and personal computers, mobile search is the most common way.

If you lack a website that is mobile responsive, that might be the next thing you should be thinking about now. Ensure your website is designed in a way that it can adjust to a smaller screen like a tablet or smartphone.

Show them you’re unique

Almost all orthodontists offer the same services and if they are not the same, they have a little similarity. You do not want to offer the same services and have the same normal website. You should show your potential customers how different you are and what makes you stand out from the other practitioners. Using a good Orthodontic Practice Management Software for your valuable patients also creates a uniqueness in your profession.

Whenever a potential patient visits your website, they should easily see what makes your website different from the rest and why they should choose you instead of the rest. The thing that differentiates you from the rest might be your extended weekend hours, the friendly prices, the state-of-the-art facilities, unique products, treatment options, patient-first philosophy or follow up procedures; whatever it is make sure it can easily gain the attention of the potential patient. Always tell your story upfront.

Contact information should be clear and unambiguous

Most orthodontists fail here- you find some practitioners placing contact information on the ‘contact us’ page only. While it is totally okay to have a ‘contact us’ page, leaving your contact information on one page only is totally wrong. That is among the things that makes you get fewer and fewer patients as each day passes.

By having your contact information on one page only, you are limiting potential patients and giving them ultimatums that they have to reach that particular page to reach you. Imagine needing immediate attention and you have to go and search for a particular page to call your practitioner. It can even be worse if you are using a mobile device–totally cumbersome.

When designing your website, always leave your contact information on all pages for easy access. You will be making it easier for prospects to schedule an appointment or ask questions.


You now know what to do to create an effective website and what to do to improve your website if it is not getting you clients. To start with, let potential patients learn about who you are by creating a nice first impression. Show them what makes you different from the rest then let them find your contact information easily on all pages of your website. Your website is the first meeting place between you and your patients.