How to Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

How to Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

October is the beginning of fall, with cooler weather and shorter days signaling the end of summer. It’s National Orthodontic Health Month (NOHM), a time to celebrate oral health, straight smiles, and advances in orthodontic treatment. It’s also a time for new orthodontic patients to learn more about treatment options and consider beginning their orthodontic […]

employee burnout

Avoiding Employee Burnout at Your Orthodontic Practice

Avoiding employee burnout might not be something you think about. As orthodontic practitioners, it’s easy to focus on the patient experience and forget about the employee experience—but both are equally important. To maintain a healthy, growing practice, you must avoid employee burnout.  Why should you avoid employee burnout? As mentioned above, it can be easy […]

Is a Lack of Reviews Killing Your New Patient Starts?

Is a Lack of Reviews Killing Your New Patient Starts?

With the rise of the internet over the past thirty years, people are using it more and more to research companies before buying or committing to a service. Practices not keeping up with the trend can find themselves losing new patient starts without understanding why. To help you retain your patients and maximize internet reviews, […]

community involvement

5 Ways Your Orthodontic Practice Can Give Back to the Community

If you own an orthodontic practice, you already have so much on your plate: running the practice, hiring staff, budgeting, creating an excellent patient experience, and more. What you might not have thought of is community involvement. While this may sound like just another thing you’ll need to handle, it can be a great way […]

patient follow up

Is Poor Patient Follow-up Costing Your Practice Money?

Getting new patients is important, but equally important—or maybe even more so—is keeping those patients as part of your practice. Patient follow-up and retention is a necessary part of running your own orthodontic practice and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. With the heavy competition for patients among orthodontic practices, it’s important your office stands out […]

orthodontic website

Does Your Orthodontic Website Offer Online Scheduling?

Gone are the days when orthodontic offices had to rely exclusively on word of mouth or print advertising to get their name out there. The internet has opened up a whole world of marketing, making it easier to gather new patients without leaving your desk. Before you start advertising online, though, your orthodontic website needs […]

Dental Clearinghouse

What is a Dental Clearinghouse?

Working with a dental clearinghouse can free up your staff’s time to focus on other things, like providing superior orthodontic care to your patients. What is a dental clearinghouse, you ask? Read on to find out! What does a clearinghouse do for insurance claims? Dental clearinghouses, like DentalXChange (DXC), act as the middleman between an […]

are you struggling to find orthodontic staff

Are You Struggling to Find Orthodontic Staff?

As an orthodontic practice in today’s economy, you are probably struggling to find reliable, knowledgeable staff. Many practices are, and this deficit can leave you shorthanded and unable to provide the best experience for your patients. So what can you do to fix this? While Greyfinch doesn’t help with recruiting, we want to help by […]

creating leaders at your orthodontic practice

Creating Leaders at Your Orthodontic Practice

Finding the right employees for your orthodontic practice is often difficult and time consuming. So once you find good employees, you want to do everything you can to retain them. How do you create a culture of retention and raise up leaders among the employees you have? Keep reading to discover some tips for creating […]

dental health month

Making the Most of Dental Health Month

February is National Dental Health Month, which is an excellent time for orthodontic offices to connect with local dentists and the community. While a common school of thought is that National Orthodontic Health Month in October is the best time of year for orthodontists to promote their practice, National Dental Health Month also offers plenty […]