Working with a dental clearinghouse can free up your staff’s time to focus on other things, like providing superior orthodontic care to your patients. What is a dental clearinghouse, you ask? Read on to find out!

What does a clearinghouse do for insurance claims?

Dental clearinghouses, like DentalXChange (DXC), act as the middleman between an orthodontic office and the insurance companies—which means no more phone calls or logging into multiple patients portals for your staff. Most orthodontic offices use software (like Greyfinch) to electronically upload patient claims. Before the claims are sent to the insurance company, DXC checks the claims for coding and billing errors, which are both common reasons insurance companies deny claims. Once DXC reviews the claims, they send them on to the insurance companies, where they are then paid or denied. If denied, the dental clearinghouse is notified and can work with orthodontic staff to resolve the issues. This partnership helps minimize risk by working with someone who has a deep understanding and regulatory expertise. In addition, DXC is HIPAA compliant, helping you feel secure that your patients’ personal data is kept confidential. 

This streamlined process also helps your office get paid faster, as claims with errors are minimized. Fewer claims are sent back, resulting in a faster payout for you. Claims are also updated electronically—no more waiting on snail mail for an updated status. DXC also allows you to be in network with a large number of insurance companies, making your practice even more attractive to potential patients.

Is a clearinghouse a billing service?

A clearinghouse is a little different than a billing service, as it only handles claims that are run through insurance. An outsourced billing service handles all accounts, whether the patient is paying out of pocket or using insurance coverage. 

What to look for in a dental clearinghouse

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a clearinghouse if it is HIPAA compliant. Make sure the clearinghouse has industry and regulatory experience, so you can ensure your patients’ information is kept confidential and your claims are handled correctly. You also want to make sure the clearinghouse has access to a large network of insurance providers rather than just a few. The clearinghouse, or the platform providing it, should also have an extensive support network. If you are having issues with claims processing, you need answers immediately—you don’t want to wait for your clearinghouse’s representatives to be available.  

There are numerous benefits to using Greyfinch’s practice management software to handle the ins and outs of your orthodontics office, including our partnership with DXC. Instead of having to research why an insurance claim was denied, you can spend that time working with your patients, building up your staff, and improving your office. Contact Greyfinch today to learn more about our platform and our partnership with DXC!