As an orthodontic practice in today’s economy, you are probably struggling to find reliable, knowledgeable staff. Many practices are, and this deficit can leave you shorthanded and unable to provide the best experience for your patients. So what can you do to fix this? While Greyfinch doesn’t help with recruiting, we want to help by providing some advice that we follow when searching for the best employees. 

Stay in touch

When recruiting for open positions, you will sometimes receive more applicants than needed. Instead of discarding the rejected applicants’ information once you fill the positions, consider saving any promising resumes for future open positions.Stay in touch with the applicants through recruiting emails and company updates, and invite them to like you on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. This way, when another position opens, you’ll have candidates already available for it. 

Make the recruiting process simple

Candidates sometimes decide not to apply for a position if the application is too difficult or time-consuming. Make sure you have an online application that is quick and easy to complete. Job applications aren’t one-size-fits-all; if your application asks for unneeded information, delete that section and only ask for the information that is relevant to the open positions. If possible, don’t have applicants attach a resume and fill out their work history in a separate section—a resume is sufficient to see where and when applicants worked.

Interview applicants with intention

Instead of interviewing applicants just to go through the recruiting motions, take time to get to know your applicants’ work history and motivations, and ask appropriate questions. Make sure the candidates understand your expectations, so they aren’t surprised by anything when they start working. Look for candidates who will want to stay long-term by understanding their motivations and goals. Also, try to find candidates who can adapt to advancing technology, since the orthodontic field is ever-changing.  

Once the applicants become employees, provide quality training as soon as they start, and continue to offer training throughout their employment. If a new system comes out, make sure your employees are taught how to use it, and create a workspace where you encourage questions. Walk alongside your team, not in front of them, by joining them in their training and by working through changes with them. 

Use Greyfinch to streamline employee tasks

While Greyfinch doesn’t assist with recruiting, our software does streamline your office and reduces the amount of daily tasks. Our cloud software provides multiple tools to make running an orthodontic office easier, like our 24/7 appointment widget, our automated text reminders, and our marketing analytic tools that analyze data to make your marketing more efficient. We also provide multiple budgeting and accounting tools to streamline your customer payments and help you see where best to cut costs. When using our software, you may find you need fewer employees to make your office run efficiently and smoothly.

If you feel ready to explore how Greyfinch can make your office more efficient and profitable, contact us today for a free demo!