At Greyfinch one of our goals is to make software that is not only for your clinic but also for your patients.

Traditionally clinics have a contact us form on their website which requires potential patients to fill this form out and then wait for a staff member to respond either via phone or email. The patient is trying to become a patient of your clinic yet traditionally it has been so hard.

Enter Greyfinch’s Embedded Appointment Widget

With our embedded appointment widget patients can go to your website and schedule their new patient exam and it will automatically show up in Greyfinch’s practice management software. We even automatically create a task for your employees so they can review this appointment if they choose to do so.

Imagine you were looking for a new doctor. You have heard about two different doctors from your friends that are awesome. You check out their websites and one of them lets you schedule your appointment right now and another you have to fill out an appointment request form and wait for them to get back to you. Which provider are you more likely to schedule your appointment with? Oh, and it’s 10 pm.

A customer of ours has added the appointment widget to their website and is seeing huge results. 91% of the patients that have scheduled from the appointment widget that have had their appointment are starting treatment!