With the start of fall comes the return of school, which often means more freedom and flexibility for parents during the day. Because of this, parents have more time to get orthodontic treatment for themselves, and with all the kids in school, orthodontic offices are less busy than over the summer. This makes fall the perfect time to reach out to this group of potential patients with these orthodontic marketing ideas.

Are Adults a Target Market for Orthodontists?

When many people think of orthodontics treatment, they picture children and teens—and these are the biggest group of orthodontic patients. But a growing number of adults are also seeking orthodontic treatment, especially with the introduction of Invisalign and other discreet treatment options. In fact, adults make up 25% of the current orthodontic market, an amount of potential patients too big to ignore.

Orthodontic Marketing Ideas for Adults

Targeting adults for their own treatment requires different orthodontic marketing ideas than targeting parents on behalf of their kids. Be sure to highlight the reasons why adults would seek out orthodontic treatment, then explain how you can treat those concerns. This can be done through a variety of different means.

  1. Social Media Campaigns – Gone are the days of searching through the yellow pages for an orthodontic practice in the patient’s area. Instead, many adult patients turn to social media to find local orthodontic practices and read reviews. Keep your practice active on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram by posting daily. Encourage people to engage with the posts by conducting polls or running giveaways. You could encourage people to share your page by doing a drawing for a gift card for people who tag you or share your posts on their page. Having a feed full of posts that show satisfied adult patients will make your office enticing to those who are considering treatment for themselves.
  2. An all-in-one, easy-to-use website – Make your practice’s website easy and convenient to use. Allow patients to schedule online when it best fits into their schedule, and offer virtual consultations for those who may not be able to be seen in person during your regular office hours. Have treatment and payment options easy to find and understand, and have a page focused specifically on adult treatments you offer.
  3. Include videos – Adding videos on your webpage and social media is a great way to engage adult patients too. Many people would rather watch a video than read text, so including informative videos geared toward adults can help bring in new patients.

Does Hip Orthodontic Marketing Make a Difference?

While your marketing doesn’t have to be hip, it should point out the benefits of choosing your office for adult treatment—and Greyfinch can provide some of those benefits. A practice that utilizes our practice management software is ideal for the busy adult. We provide an integrated online scheduling option (for new and existing patients), virtual consultations and appointments, the ability to start treatment from home (through finalizing contracts, signing all paperwork, making down payments and setting up a recurring payment method), secure messaging, and a patient portal.

If your practice is looking for ways to increase revenue and make things easier for you and your staff, contact Greyfinch today for a free demo!