Choosing a practice management system for your orthodontic practice is an important but often overlooked part of starting your own business. When used effectively, it can make all parts of your practice—scheduling, billing, insurance verification, file management—easier to manage. There are many facets to consider when choosing a system, so to help you decide which platform is best for you, we’ve included six points to review before choosing a system. 

Infrastructure when choosing a practice management system

Make sure you understand what kind of infrastructure you need before choosing a practice management system. In older systems, there is often no cloud access—instead, you remote into a PC to access your data. They also often require downloads for updates, as opposed to a platform like Greyfinch, which automatically updates AND gives you free cloud access to all your files.  

Hidden Fees 

Many companies offer comprehensive features for their practice management software, but be careful—sometimes these features are only available at an additional cost. Some platforms will say they include particular features, but it actually costs extra to use them. These “little” fees add up over time and can cost your practice hundreds to thousands of dollars. Instead, look for a system that includes all the features you need in the total cost.

Technical Support 

If you have a question or there is an issue with your software, how soon will your software management team be available to help? It’s important to consider how responsive the company will be in supporting your clinic. When it comes to medical records, patient scheduling, and billing, you want to make sure to have the right answers as fast as possible. 

Research and Development

What does the practice management system company’s roadmap look like? If they are not investing money to stay cutting-edge and innovative, you may be signing up for an already outdated platform. Review your current software, too, and determine when the company last made a truly impressive enhancement. If it’s been a while, it might be time to start looking for a new platform.

Value the Practice Management System Provides 

Do not let the overall cost determine the practice management system you use. Look at the software as a whole and ask: Does it let me eliminate third parties and their associated costs and make work easier for my team? Will it provide a better experience for my patients? Will it streamline more processes in the office? Will it increase revenue? It’s worth having a bigger investment in a quality product, instead of trying to save money by choosing an inferior platform. 

Revenue Generating Features 

Orthodontic treatment is competitive, not only in person but virtually too. Make sure you are providing features that set you apart from your competition. Having a system that truly works 24/7/365 is an incredibly important feature and one that makes you stand out. It also allows you the potential to be constantly generating revenue through patient interaction with the platform management system. 

Make sure new patients can schedule consultations, and ensure current patients can make a payment and update their payment info, medical history, or insurance information at any time. This makes things easier for your patients, which in turn will make them more likely to recommend your practice to friends and family. 

Choosing the right practice management system is vital for the health of your practice. Schedule a free demo with Greyfinch to determine if the platform is right for your business!