Most orthodontists have noticed the recent change in orthodontic treatment. Straight teeth are no longer available only through in-person visits to a local orthodontist. Instead, consumers are able to order aligners online and have them shipped directly to their front door. As an orthodontist, you might be struggling with how to adapt to this new trend–but you must adapt if you want to stay competitive.

The problem: Direct-to-consumer aligners

Direct to consumer aligners are disrupting the ortho market, and they are probably not going away any time soon. Mail-order aligners blasted into the market a few years back, and since that time, they’ve only grown in popularity among consumers. Many people find the thought of not having to visit a dentist or orthodontist while still getting straight teeth appealing. And with most of the companies charging less than $2000 for the entire treatment plan, it seems significantly cheaper than traditional braces and Invisalign through an orthodontic office. So where does that leave you, the brick-and-mortar orthodontist?

Times, they are a-changing

You might feel threatened by this new development in orthodontics, and you are right to be aware of it and what it means for your office. While ignoring it and hoping for the best can be tempting, this can lead to decreased patients and a missed opportunity for more revenue. The key to riding this new wave of treatment is to adapt to the digital revolution and become a competitor to these online-only providers.  

Become the change 

Rather than trying to fight this new system, appeal to this type of consumer by offering options that did not exist until recently. 

  1. Market to young adults looking for purely cosmetic improvements and probably needing less than a year of treatment. This is a great way to grow your practice and patient numbers. Since most of these young adults want virtual options, use virtual consultations to appeal to them. With Greyfinch, you can meet with a potential patient virtually, discuss treatment options, and send the contract digitally. The patient would still need to come into the office for the beginning records (photos, x-rays, scan of the teeth, etc.), but they could start the process from home.
  2. The first set of aligners can take four to six weeks to arrive when ordering them from a lab. To avoid having patients change their minds while waiting for the first set, make a few aligners in your office to begin, then order the rest. You can also use this fast service as a marketing point.
  3. Use Greyfinch’s secure platform to monitor treatment. Patients can securely submit photos and do video calls with you or your team rather than coming to the office for some check-ups. This combines convenience of mail-order treatment with the expertise and benefits of in-person treatment.

Our world is changing, and as patients are presented with more options, the industry must respond to stay relevant. Let Greyfinch help you adapt your business to the ever-changing orthodontics market!