The cloud-based orthodontist software that attracts new patients, eliminates busywork, and elevates your patients’ experience without third-party addons

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Not all practice management platforms are equal.

Because while every platform has basics like scheduling or treatment cards, most have limited or outdated features, which force you to install 3rd-party apps that can’t connect with each other.

But Greyfinch replaces other software and apps with just one simple online platform to manage and grow your practice better than ever.

Why Greyfinch 2

Here's how:


Grow Your Practice And Bottom-Line

Our proven tools and features help you attract and impress new patients, strengthen your reputation and ratings, stand out from the competition, close more cases, collect late or missing payments, enhance your marketing efforts, and much, much more. 
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Why Greyfinch 4


Save Hours Each Week With Better Productivity

Our innovative system automates and eliminates countless tasks and busywork. From smoother self check-ins to automatically creating contracts, sending forms, booking appointments, and much more at the click of a button, you’ll free up your staff so they can spend time more effectively.

Complete a diagnosis, upload images, customize treatment plans and set up plans in seconds and shave precious minutes off every exam so you can see more patients.
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Create Remarkable Experiences For Patients

We offer your patients next-level perks your competitors don’t have. With tools like 24/7 online scheduling, two-way texting, easy-to-use video appointments, self check-ins that reduce wait times at the office, better feedback collection, and more, you’ll impress your patients with the highest quality service possible.
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