It is not something you probably think about much because the likely answer is “not much”. Greyfinch, on the other hand, has been listening to our customers and working hard to get the right tools and features in place for our customers during this crazy time.

Our roadmap was turned upside down in order to help our customers. They asked and we delivered and are still delivering features to help them through this pandemic.

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What did we deliver with our practice management software?

  1. We quickly developed a way to mass reschedule all patients that missed their appointments. This saved thousands of dollars in staff time manually calling each patient to reschedule.
  2. We added a fully integrated Telehealth solution for our customers so they could start seeing patients before they opened. We also made this work so they can now use it with current or new treatment plans giving them software with a fully integrated telehealth solution.
  3. Updated our New Patient Widget so new patients have the option of scheduling in person or virtually if the office chooses to offer that option
  4. Ability to send SMS or email to your patient, mom or dad to schedule their next appointment. Many parents have to wait in the car while you see the patient so this way once finished, you simply send them an SMS or email and they schedule their next appointment from their car (or anywhere in the world for that matter). This also saves staff time not having to search for a spot that works for the patient.
  5. HIPAA compliant 2-way SMS is coming soon! Sending text messages to patients and getting a response is great but what about if they are HIPAA compliant as well? All built into our software and included for our customers.

We continue to listen and adapt to this ever-changing environment to help our customers. Did your practice management software do the same?

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