Urgent Hub by Greyfinch

The purpose of Urgent Hub is to allow providers to collaborate together and provide care for patients with urgent needs. Patients are pre-screened using a simple interface and workflow, the platform identifies both a patient’s urgent need and potential COVID-19 symptoms. Patients are then able to schedule the urgent care appointment with their existing provider or they are directed to the closest urgent hub.

List Your Clinic on Urgent Hub

$10/month Per Location
  • Map Listing
  • COVID-19 Screening
  • Urgent Needs Questionnaire
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telehealth ($10 per month per telehealth user)

Urgent Hub Strategic Partner

Schedule Call to Learn More S
  • Everything in Standard Hub plus...
  • Urgent-Hub Playbook
  • Rollout Work Plan
  • Protocols & Paperwork
  • Dedicated Provider Contact
  • Telehealth


The "Urgent Hub" by Greyfinch is a low-cost web-based application used for prescreening your patients for COVID-19 symptoms and determining if the patient’s need qualifies as urgent, as outlined by state and federal directives.

The Urgent Hub Strategic Package is for multi-location larger scale providers collaborating with state agencies and associations. Per recommendations these are being established on a limited basis, typically one Hub location per population of 250,000 people. We will connect you to the additional support needed while also coordinating with existing Hubs. The established providers furnish the additional requirements. These particular Hubs are strategically positioned close to major hospitals and see all patients regardless of their ability to pay. 

A Standard Listing on Urgent Hub gives current providers the tools they need to serve their existing patient-base.  The software allows patients to be pre-screened and scheduled through the platform. If you're a provider and open for urgent and emergent services, let your patients know you're still available to meet their urgent needs.

Patients visit www.urgent-hub.com and are pre-screened for their urgent need. They're also asked questions relating to typical COVID-19 symptoms. Once they've completed the screenings they are then are asked to choose the provider location. If they do not currently have a provider listed they are directed to schedule at one of the Urgent Hubs, marked in red on the map. If listed, the patient chooses and schedules a visit with their current provider.


The provider is then notified, the patient is listed in the admin app along with all the screening results. The provider can then manage the patients needs either with an in person visit or tele-health connection.


We have created a demo video below of how the software works, for both the patient and provider.

We currently support dental and eye care providers and are able to accommodate most any ancillary medical urgent service. We also understand many providers may not be able to see patients because of various reasons. In the event a provider is unable to stay operational, the patient can be directed to the closest Urgent Hub location. During this time we've seen providers working together with one goal in mind, serve patients and make sure everyone is getting the help they need. 


Please reach out to sales@greyfinch.com if you are interested in expanding to another provider type. It is very simple for us to accommodate this!