Do you want to take your career to the next level by opening an orthodontic practice? That’s among the few best decisions you have ever made. Have you thought of what you will do to take your dental practice a step ahead? Before you open doors to patients and set up your shop, there are a number of steps you should take. For your dental startup to become a success story, it is recommended to follow the tips listed below.

Research till you can’t any more.

Like most life decisions, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Do you know what obligations you are about to be involved in? Can you boss it? Besides gathering knowledge on your responsibilities and expectations, you also have to research more practitioners and read how they succeeded. Knowing the challenges faced by other people prepares you on how to deal with yours when they come along.

What are your personal and professional goals? Establish them.

You might be decades away from your retirement years but thinking about your career in future doesn’t hurt. List down the goals you want to achieve in the long term and short term then take steps that will help you achieve the goals. Outline and determine what exactly you want to achieve and have a vision of your future practice.

Create a business plan

After establishing your professional and personal goals, determine how you will achieve them. To help you achieve them, you can come up with a business plan that will be the road map to your success. You can also create a framework that you will use throughout your entire practice and help you in securing people you lend.

What resources do you need?

One of the most common challenges orthodontic practitioners face is anticipating the needs before opening the doors of the clinic. How many staff will you need? Will you require a full suite of new dental equipment? Most orthodontists that fail  are because they take on more than they can handle. Start slow and build as time goes by to be successful. What kind of Practice Management Software do you need to start?

How deep is your pocket?

Orthodontists find obtaining finances really easy especially because orthodontics is a low risk practice hence is a good investment. Since you now know this, start leveraging with lenders and settle for the best loan terms. As you do this, always ensure your personal credit is in a good place before applying for a practice loan.

Share with experts

Being a booming industry, orthodontics is on demand resulting  in a team of market specialists who are exclusive to orthodontics. If you are starting your orthodontic practice, you have all the reasons not to go through it alone. There are a number of professionals who will tailor their services to fulfill the needs of your practice.

Do you have a location?

If you have interacted with realtors, you will hear them say ‘practice location is everything’. As an orthodontic startup, finding the optimal location for your orthodontic practice will distinguish you from a ghost town and a revolving door of patients. Traffic, demography and access are among the many factors you should consider before settling for a space.

Lease agreement

If you have never signed any important and expensive contacts in your career, the orthodontics office lease will be your first. The lease can either be destructive and lead to the demise of your clinic or help in facilitating the success of your practice by providing flexibility and protection. Research on some of the rightful issues that can be avoided prior to signing the lease agreement.

Do you know what patients are? – a virtue

It doesn’t matter whether you are opening a practice right in the beginning of your career or you are a mid-career orthodontist starting out on your own, you will always need to attract new patients. You can attract new patients by using a branding agency, investing in good quality websites, getting referrals and maintaining a strong social media presence.

Always stick to the budget

When outlining your business plan, always include a proposed budget for each phase of your orthodontics development. Each business or financial decision you make should be in line with your budget. Spending lavishly on the finest tools might be tempting but always remember whenever you exceed one area of your budget you will have to cut back on another area.


Are you ready to embark on your new exciting journey and own your first orthodontic practice? If yes, take into consideration the tips given above and watch as you flourish. Check the future of Orthodontic Practice.