Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the busiest time of year for orthodontic offices. With kids off of school and schedules more open, parents often choose to start their child’s orthodontic treatment during the summer months. While this means more revenue for you, it can also mean more stress. Let Greyfinch work for you by taking control of your orthodontic treatment planning! With the right organizational techniques, support, and software, your office will have no problem handling the summer patient rush.

Take control of orthodontic treatment plans and appointments

Having treatment plans and appointment sequences under control and templated can save valuable chair time and sanity for you and your staff. With the right practice management software, treatment plans will not come as a surprise. You can map out all appointments so scheduling is a breeze whether it’s in-office or online. Our orthodontic treatment planning is customizable and changes can be made on the fly! Should you need to change the treatment plan for a patient who took an extended vacation or got off track during the dog days of summer Greyfinch has you covered! 

Decrease chair time

Having your patients spend less time in your office is a win for you, your staff, and your patients. No one wants to spend more time at the orthodontist office than they need to, so decreasing chair time is essential to handling the summer rush. Make sure you and your staff have an efficient process for patients when they walk through your door. The time they spend in the treatment chair should be minimal, as should the time they spend waiting to be treated. 

Get Greyfinch

Greyfinch can help make your office run as efficiently as possible, while providing tools to make tracking patient appointments easier than ever. With Greyfinch, you can have all of your treatment plans and appointment sequencing pre-templated, which is a huge timesaver when planning orthodontic treatment. 

Our templates are customizable at any time, should you encounter a patient who slips away from your typical appointment sequence. This allows you and your staff to make changes as needed with minimal time and effort. Having your orthodontic treatment planning templated through Greyfinch also helps clinicians have informative conversations with patients and parents on what they did at the appointments and what is coming in the future. Greyfinch helps eliminate the communication barrier in the office. Since Greyfinch plans out and organizes the appointments and treatment plans for you, enhanced communication between your team and patients should occur. 

Also, these templates are useful to have when hiring new employees, both for training and helping them see patients faster. Having a treatment plan to follow, helps empower the new hire which reduces the cost and length of training.  

If you’re ready to see all the ways Greyfinch can work for you and your staff, contact us today for a free demo! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and show you how Greyfinch can improve the staff and patient experience at your orthodontic office.