The orthodontic practice management software that saves hours of busywork, stress, and headaches for you and your team

Greyfinch automates and eliminates countless manual tasks to streamline your practice. 

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Simplify your practice with one single app—not several

While some practices rely on numerous software and third-party apps that don’t connect with each other, Greyfinch bundles everything into one simple, 100% web-based platform. Use it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. No downloads and no licenses. 

Onboard patients faster with 100% online forms

Patients can fill and sign forms online and upload insurance cards, which instantly saves to their file and emails them a copy — no manual work needed. (You can even get automatic alerts on specific medical conditions.) You can also send information via HIPAA-compliant two-way SMS or email so there’s less busywork for your team. 

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Schedule more appointments in less time

Our online appointment widget lets patients book anytime with just a few clicks so there’s less time on the phone. It syncs instantly to your calendar and automatically sends reminders to free up your staff from following up on appointments and eliminate back-and-forth communication. 

Create and close more contracts, faster

Once you enter a patient’s treatment info, Greyfinch instantly creates a ready-to-sign contract—no more drafting paperwork. Also, easily customize payment plans, payment intervals (monthly, weekly, 2x/ month, etc.), and more with our easy-to-use Case Closer Technology, which saves time for your treatment coordinator. 

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Reduce wait times with seamless self-check-in

Speed up visits and take pressure off your staff with smoother and more-efficient self-check-ins. It even has an option to stop patients from checking in if they owe money, are late with payments, or if it’s a specific appointment type. (This actually improves collections rates for many of our clients!)

Get cutting-edge tools for better treatment/visits

You can automatically import X-ray images to a patient’s file and crop and rotate photos. Also, unlike other rigid software, you can customize treatment cards for how you like to do things and build treatment plans with pre-scheduled appointments and intervals, which automatically reschedule cancellations. 

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Greyfinch is the only orthodontic software that also transforms your billing and financials

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Run auto-drafts automatically

Greyfinch automatically runs auto drafts and credit card payments to eliminate tedious work. We integrate with Bluefin, a leading payment processing brand, which will meet or beat your current provider.

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Stay on top of your financials

Unlike traditional ledgers, Greyfinch uses invoices that hold charges, payments, and adjustments to keep everything organized. Because our auto drafts use the invoice amounts, our system makes it easy for patients to apply payments to future invoices while keeping your account receivable reports organized—automatically.

Learn how Greyfinch can transform your productivity, streamline your practice, and rescue time