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Greyfinch is the practice management software with the most innovative tools to upgrade every part of your practice—no 3rd-party add-ons, no downloads, and no licenses needed. Want to close more patients, boost your productivity, and offer amazing benefits to your clients? Sign up for your demo below!

Taylor Kauffman

Greyfinch has been amazing for my start-up office! Excellent service and ability to eliminate third party companies, simplifying the administrative work flow and saving money… The browser-based system is convenient for work at home, the office, or on my phone wherever I have cell service.

Dr. Taylor Kauffman

Dr. Taylor Kauffman, DDS

See just a few of our top revenue-boosting tools for orthodontists—with many more in our platform!

Case Closer Technology

With Greyfinch’s Case Closer Technology, you’ll convert patients faster and easier than ever before. Our innovative tool helps your treatment coordinators offer better terms and let patients create their own payment plans, sign contracts, make payments, and book appointments from their own homes

New Patient Appointment Widget

With our easy-to-use widget, you can quickly add a button to your website and let patients and prospects schedule new appointments. Whether you have multiple locations, use specific insurance plans, or offer virtual exams, it works without you lifting a finger

2 Way SMS

2-way SMS

Want to send a message or have a patient send a picture of a broken wire? Greyfinch’s two-way texting will transform how—and how fast—you can help your patients. Offer incredible convenience and care to patients with easy communication.

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Reputation Mangementment

Our system automatically texts patients after appointments and asks how likely they are to recommend your clinic on a 1-10 scale. For ratings above a certain score, it asks for a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp (your choice). For ratings below a certain score, it asks for feedback instead (you choose the score cutoff). Generate amazing reviews with no effort, just be you!

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