The further you trek through the digital landscape, the more things you are introduced to. New platforms, incredible software, interesting ways to connect. Whether you’ve been reluctant to incorporate new technologies or you’re excited about each and every development, it’s always good to stay in-the-know. Here are three reasons two-way texting can improve your patients’ experience and your bottom line.

Utilize Quick, Efficient Communication

Part of living in the digital age is getting accustomed to the way people like to communicate. You might be more old-school and prefer a phone conversation, but your patients may like text messaging more. Adding two-way text to your service menu won’t only make your patients more comfortable, it will also allow you to avoid the back-and-forth phone tag that traditional calls can entail.

Texting can eliminate the nervousness some patients feel when going to the orthodontist. Sometimes this new situation can be intimidating, and patients forget to ask the questions that are important to them. 

Convenience is also a key factor in text messaging. A Pew Research survey found 97% of Americans own a cellphone and 85% of them have a smartphone. The same research indicated that 80% of people won’t answer a call from a number they don’t recognize, but 98% of them will open a text from an unknown contact. This fact speaks to the ROI of using texting at your practice. Patients will keep more appointments and feel more connected if they have the ability to communicate via text rather than missing a call (or avoiding an awkward conversation).

A Text-Savvy Orthodontic Practice is a Trustworthy One

If your office is willing to incorporate new digital tools and evolve with the always-online world, it is more likely your clientele will trust you. Though an orthodontic practice should be focused on efficacy first, it’s still essential to represent your brand as modern and knowledgeable. Including newer communications technology means you’re probably incorporating cutting-edge developments in treatment as well. People want to invest in a service they know is going to work, one that isn’t antiquated in its thinking or processes.

Being text-savvy doesn’t only look good for the brand, it builds your relationships with your patients. You’ll be able to increase transparency, eliminate unnecessary worry, and meet expectations all at once. What if you’re the best at what you do, but miss out on a patient connection because you don’t have the software advantages another practice offers? 

Increase Productivity and Streamline Customer Service

Your staff only has the capability to talk to one client at a time. As your patient load increases, you’ll inevitably receive an influx of calls for appointments and inquiries. Not only does two-way text messaging allow your office staff to be more efficient, it improves the quality of customer interactions. 

If a patient calls with a question that can’t be answered by an administrator, they could end up frustrated. When a prospective patient calls to schedule an appointment but can’t get through due to a high volume of calls, there’s a chance they could go to another practice. Texting gives your staff the ability to respond with the right information in a timely manner, and it gives your patients the ability to contact your office when it is convenient for them.

Two-Way Texting with Greyfinch

Greyfinch’s text feature allows orthodontists to create text templates for frequently asked questions and automated appointment reminders. This can save your staff a lot of time in communicating with patients while still providing the timely responses they deserve. 

Learn more about Greyfinch’s two-way SMS and MMS software to see if it would be a good fit for your orthodontic practice. We work solely within the dental space, which means we take your unique needs into account, and HIPAA compliance is always at the forefront of our features. Call us to learn more or visit our site to schedule a demo today.