Are you looking for a way to offer the best patient experience and services while increasing revenue for your practice? If so, Greyfinch has the perfect solution for you!

Here at Greyfinch we strive to keep up with the times by bring our customers the best of the best with our software! That is why we have made another huge advancement at our clients request with our Patient Hub! It takes easy to a whole new level giving you the ability to help manage appointments, recalls, treatment plans, and even finances in just a matter of a few minutes. With its handy features, you can even keep track of your patient’s progress and ensure they get the best care possible!

Are you looking for a way to offer the best services while increasing revenue at your clinic? Greyfinch is the perfect solution!

patient experience

Benefits of Greyfinch Patient Hub

Easy to use interface

It offers a simple interface that allows you access to everything you need right at your fingertips! Once you log in, you are met with a dashboard with all your patients, their treatments, and the options you have to manage them. The patients can also see essential calls to action that they can select depending on their situation.

Scheduling an appointment

Your patients don’t have to wait for a call back to schedule an appointment with their orthodontist. They can simply go on the Patient Hub and select a time that works for them in just minutes. It gives them a feeling of independence and control over their orthodontic treatment. And, if they can’t make an appointment time or need to reschedule, there is also the option of live chat support, which they can receive right away!

Managing appointments and tracking progress

Greyfinch makes it easy for your patients to manage all aspects of their care with ease. They can see all past appointment history and upcoming appointments at just the click of a few buttons. Your patients can track their progress on each stage of their treatment plan with the Greyfinch Patient Hub. Seeing tangible evidence of their care will help keep them motivated to achieve their desired outcome! It builds trust and keeps the lines of communication open between you and your patients.

Financial Transparency

But why stop there, it offers real-time updates on patient accounts so you can keep track of insurance benefits and payments made by patients. With the best orthodontic practice software, Greyfinch, it’s easy to set up automatic billing for recurring appointments, too!

Updating credit card and account details

Your patients have the ability to also update their credit card and account details on the Greyfinch Patient Hub. It saves them time and hassle when they come in for their next appointment. They can simply select “update my information” from the main menu, enter the new details and submit!

Updating Patient Information

They can update their patient information such as changing an address or contact information right from the hub. It saves you time and keeps your records updated! The patients can also update their health status. For instance, if they develop a new allergy, they can update their file immediately.

Adding new patients

The Patient Hub makes it easy to add new patients to your clinic. You can import all of the details from their previous orthodontist’s records with just a few clicks. It helps reduce administrative burden and gets your new patients started on their care as soon as possible. It also saves the patients the time and hassle of filling out forms and paperwork.

Manage recalls & contact patients

And last but not least the greatest feature that the Patient Hub offers has is its recall system. Your patients receive a notification via email or text message when they are due for a check-up and treatment adjustment! It helps keep your appointment book full by scheduling the appointments. You can even send patient surveys, which is another excellent way of improving communication with current and future patients.