Your orthodontic staff is invaluable. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to run your orthodontic practice as efficiently and professionally as you do. Did you know your staff gets a whole day to be appreciated? Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Day is June 1—use some of the ideas listed below to show your staff you couldn’t function as an office without them!

Half Day Off

No one would turn down paid time off, so treat your employees to an afternoon vacation. Let them head out at lunchtime to enjoy the rest of their day work-free. Since you are an orthodontic practice with patients, make sure you plan this ahead of time, so you won’t need to cancel patient appointments. If you have the flexibility, this is something your staff will truly appreciate!

Host a catered lunch

Everyone likes having someone else make their food, especially if it’s something they wouldn’t normally make themselves. To honor your staff for their hard work, cater a special lunch. Make sure it’s something more than just sandwiches and chips—consider bringing in unique cuisine like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or Mediterranean. Your employees will appreciate enjoying a special meal together and having a day off from packing their lunch or going to get carryout.

Give them a gift

Show your staff you love them and appreciate all they do for you by giving them a special gift. This could be something as simple as a thank you note and a gift card, flowers, or a fruit basket, or it could be something elaborate like an all-expenses-paid trip. What you give them completely depends on what you can afford and what you think they would like. Make sure it’s something they would enjoy that shows how much you appreciate them. 

Buy a new office coffee machine

Coffee makes the world go round and keeps your staff energized. As a special gift for your staff, get them a new, fancy coffee maker. This could be a new Keurig with a variety of K-cups and creamers, an espresso machine, or a french press. If there are members of your staff who don’t like coffee, consider getting them some fancy tea bags or hot chocolate.

Extended lunch break

Maybe your employees aren’t able to leave early because of patient appointments. If this is the case, maybe they could have an extended lunch break. If your employees normally get a half hour for lunch, give them an hour instead. Make sure it’s enough extra time that it makes a difference and is meaningful. 

Give them something no cost with a lot of heart

Maybe your office doesn’t have the funds to buy gifts or lunches for your employees. That’s ok—what matters is you show your staff you appreciate them. Write them a meaningful thank you note, making it personal and individualized for each team member. Just taking the time to tell them you appreciate them will go a long way.

This Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Day, don’t forget to show your staff you care about them and all their hard work. Finding good employees is harder than ever right now, so be sure to appreciate the ones you have.