If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to, it is the need to have a telehealth option for your clinics. 

While Greyfinch did not have a telehealth solution pre COVID-19, we worked hard to implement it into our software during the pandemic for our customers. Greyfinch is excited to announce Chirp, the beginning to our full integrated communication module. 

Chirp will offer telehealth video calls and is directly integrated into our practice management software so you can now schedule video appointments directly from Greyfinch Practice Management. Once a telehealth appointment is scheduled inside Greyfinch, the patient will receive an email with link and password for their appointment. The practice will also have a link in the patient’s appointment to click on when it is time for their appointment. 

Not only does this help with seeing patients while your clinics are closed but you now can start doing video appointments as part of your normal day to day treatment. Some of our clients are already creating treatment plans with video appointments as part of the treatment plan.

Would you like to be able to offer more at home aligner options? With Chirp you are able to offer virtual visits that are fully integrated into your normal schedule and day. If the patient has to come in for a visit you can easily schedule that all within the same Greyfinch Practice Management Software. 

Chirp is the beginning of our communication platform which will also offer two-way texting and secure messaging.