Two-Way HIPAA Compliant SMS

Communicate with patients securely with our fully integrated 100% HIPAA complaint two-way SMS feature.

We know it is crucial to follow guidelines and procedures, especially during COVID-19. Our two-way HIPAA compliant SMS makes it easier for orthodontic practices to follow these guidelines and allows patients to communicate, respond to appointments, receive payment reminders, have simple follow-ups and check-in for appointments when arriving at the office without even having to come inside. 

Greyfinch Two-way HIPAA Compliant SMS

Our convenient, innovative, secure and high-tech SMS software can benefit an orthodontic practice’s operations in many ways. 


Generate More Revenue

    • Using two-way SMS for appointment-related messages can help reduce cancellations and no-shows.

    • Send out texts reminding patients that payment is due and skip the process of mailing out letters regarding overdue payments

Improve Patient Experience

    • 75 of cellphone users would rather text a business than call – meaning patients would rather text your practice over picking up the phone to call someone else, like a competitor, because it’s simpler!

Save Time 

    • Time is money for you and for your parents and patients. Two-way SMS will save your team from unnecessary phone calls and phone tag (who’s going to miss that game?) and will also show that you respect your patients’ time by adding this efficiency.

    • No more repeat phone calls to multiple people. If you’re needing to communicate the same message to multiple people, your practice can spread the message through one text! No need to spend time repeating yourself to everyone, making multiple phone calls.