We strive to provide software for your clinic and your patients

Starting in 2012 we wanted to help dental offices, but we didn’t realize we also wanted to help the patients too.



Greyfinch (formerly AXPM), was founded in 2012 to help dental and orthodontic offices manage their back offices by providing accounting, call center, revenue cycle and marketing support. As they were providing these services they had interactions with many different dental and orthodontic softwares.


In working with all these systems they realized there was not a great system to use. Greyfinch was looking for a more modern, automated, cloud based, and patient friendly practice management software to arrive to market. They kept waiting and waiting and waiting until finally in 2017 they launched their own.


Greyfinch turned from a service company to a software as a service company. Greyfinch has built a great team of industry experts including employees from Cloud9Ortho, TeleVox and Benco to lead the vision behind Greyfinch. Making great software for clinics and patients is not easy but we must continue to move the industry forward. 


The mission of Greyfinch has not been to make another practice management software for the orthodontic industry. There are plenty of those. 
A practice management software is just a conduit to our greater mission of providing patients with a better healthcare experience. 

At Greyfinch we strive to bring a practice management software to clinics that will help them grow but also help their patients have a great experience.

We believe patients should have access to their records, their appointments, and all their health information. They should be able to easily share this info with whomever they choose so that they can get the best care possible no matter which type of healthcare provider they are at.