How to Increase Positive Reviews for Your Orthodontic Practice

Patients rely on online reviews to determine which medical practice is right for their needs. As patient expectations continue to change and more people rely on online reviews to make healthcare decisions, increasing your practice’s credibility and visibility with positive patient reviews is more important than ever.

Getting positive patient reviews relies heavily on how you engage with your patients before, during and after their visits. Let’s look at how creating a positive experience can significantly increase your chances of getting positive online reviews.

Clear communication is key

You can ensure a positive patient experience by communicating clearly with your patients throughout their patient journey. This includes not only when and how you communicate with them, but also how easily they can contact you. For example:

  • Pre-visit: Send personalized appointment reminders, insurance/intake requests, pre-visit instructions or even secure links for virtual video visits.
  • Post-visit: Send relevant follow-up messages, including care instructions, check-ins, satisfaction surveys and more.
  • Between visits: Make it easy for patients to communicate with your practice at any time, regardless of when their next visit is scheduled. Remember, making it simple for patients to reach you increases their trust and satisfaction with your practice. It also demonstrates that you respect their time and their communication preferences.

Great follow-up also helps

Now that you’ve created a stellar patient experience, consistent follow-up is important for strengthening the doctor/patient relationship and building the kind of trust and reputation patients seek from their healthcare providers. Remember, the patient’s visit doesn’t just end when they leave your office.

Use automated follow-up messages to engage your patients:

  • Post-visit documents: Send any applicable care instructions or documents soon after specific types of appointments.
  • Care check-ins: Show your patients you care by asking how they’re feeling after an appointment and making it easy for them to get in touch with you with any questions or concerns.
  • Satisfaction surveys: Send a simple one-question survey asking patients to rate their experience. By customizing responses based on their rating, you can quickly show how you value their feedback.
  • Ask for reviews: Soon after each visit, provide a link to your review platform (i.e., Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.) and ask satisfied patients to leave a review of their experience.

Use feedback to continuously improve

Patient feedback and reviews provide great insight into the areas in which your practice excels, as well as areas to focus on for improvement. Look for common themes and fix those as soon as possible to prevent similar complaints from future patients.

Help your practice stand above the rest!

Positive patient reviews help your practice stand out among the competition. Getting positive reviews depend on providing an excellent overall patient experience and communicating clearly with your patients.

Greyfinch features an automated reputation management tool to help you set your practice apart by gathering positive reviews after specific appointments. Not only will Greyfinch help you collect more reviews, you’ll get instant feedback from your patients and be able to take action quickly.  


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