See your data like you have never been able to see it before

Greyfinch is the first orthodontic practice management software to build a dedicated Data Warehouse. Our cube based analytical approach allows you to quickly view your practice through the lense of multiple dimensions, which go far beyond normal flat canned reports.

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Easily find connections...

Using treatment, patient, and financial data, combine all of your locations or drill down to each one individually.


We’ve made all the information about your practice easily accessible and provided the data points and connections needed for cross-table analysis. Discover new insights and save your views within our tool, or connect to a any third party SQL based BI platform. 

  • City
  • State 
  • Zip
  • Age
  • Relationships (Dependents, Related Family)
  • Payment Methods/Types
  • Insurance Coverages

...and more

  • Transactional Events
  • Receivable Realizations
  • Payment
    • Type
    • Created Date
    • Payor Demographics
    • Declined Pmt Metrics
  • Payment Plan Length
  • Insurance Company Data and Coverages

  • Appointment 
    • Status (Missed, Cancelled, Future Booked)
    • Count per Treatment Plan
    • Chair Time
    • Provider
    • Assistant
  • Treatment Plan
    • Types
    • Provider

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